Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NYC Cloud Computing Meetup Recap

Last week I was able to attend the New York City Cloud Computing Meetup.  It was a very cool event and Joe Brockmeier presented Deploying Apache CloudStack from API to UI.

Deploying Apache CloudStack from API to UI from Joe Brockmeier

Joe did an awesome job (as always) and the meetup was nicely attended, I would estimate about 40-50 people were in the room.  Here are a few random thoughts and impressions in no particular order:

  • The session was very interactive. It took the crowd a little bit to come out of their shell but once they did the discussion was very free form and constructive
  • The level of questions were very good.  Many were about how to implement and architecture related questions about specific features. Snapshots in particular generated a lot of discussion on slide 26. It appears we are starting to move beyond the basic cloud definitions and into the nitty gritty of implementations
  • There were customers in the room and they greatly helped with the discussions (Thanks Jeff @ DataPipe!). It was great to hear how their real world experiences were put to use and how they were able to tackle some of the issues and concerns brought up
  • I like how Joe started with some features of the NIST definition and then added an additional point (see slide 4). I agree with Joe that API access is crucial going forward
  • Slide 15 (the architecture overview) generated a lot of real world discussion in the room that I believe was very helpful to everyone
All in all a great event!

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