Sunday, November 14, 2010

My First Month & Impressions of VCE & Acadia

I have a little over a month down at Acadia/VCE.  The question I've been asked most is "How is it?"  Let me answer that in this post by relating the highlights of the past month.  There are many things that will announce shortly that I'm not at liberty to talk about yet (I want to continue to be paid) but here are some general items.

I work in the Solutions Organization, more specifically solutions for service providers and verticals.  What does the mean?  It means my team, and others in our organization, work with companies to make sure their applications and solutions work "on" and "with" Vblocks.  We also have many other teams that will be providing solutions in other areas.  The first few (SAP and VDI) were released recently and highlighted by Chad Sakac here.  Solutions on Vblocks will be critical moving forward and will the subject of a post in the near future.  Other highlights:
  • My team was fortunate to spend a little over two hours with our CEO, Michael Capellas.  As a general rule I'm not a C-level fanboi but wow is that a smart and impressive dude.  No subject was off limits and we peppered him with some very difficult questions.  He "gets it" and his vision for the company is on track.  Expect some great things to happen soon.
  • My organization's lab is moving along nicely.  We will have a large number of Vblocks in facilities in both California and North Carolina.  The amount of gear we will have access too is simply incredible and will allow us to provide our customers with first-rate solutions.
  • In addition to our solutions group, the vArchitects (field technical architects) are ramping up.  I was privileged enough to attend a few days of their training last week.  Great people and great information!
It won't be long now...

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