Monday, January 5, 2009

Maximum of Two 10GB Ethernet Adapters in HP Blades/Servers

Here is something interesting I came across earlier this year while trying to add a bunch of 10G cards into a DL580 server. It turns out that HP will only support a maximum of two 10G adapters in most systems. I have included the link below for more information from HP. As adapter cards increase in speed, we will have to consider bandwidth limitations such as this going forward.By the way, IBM has similar problems. I’m still tracking down some last second details on that one and I will post an IBM specific version shortly.

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Henault's Omni said...

This limitation only applied to the G5 blades. G6 blades can support 6 10Gb NICS in a 1/2 height blade and 8 10Gb NICs in a full height blade.