Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting ESX Remote SSH Access without Root enabled

This is obvious to the experienced Linux admins out there but I wanted to pass this along. Let’s say you have a remote ESX server with SSH access to root disabled (the default). You now realize you need access and you have no other way to get into the box (no remote KVM, warm body on-site, etc.). You can connect to the box and gain root access in the following way:
  1. Connect to the web interface of the ESX server using the VI Client with root credentials.
  2. Create a user level account on the machine.
  3. SSH into the box using the newly created user account.
  4. At the SSH prompt, type su and press enter.
  5. You will be prompted for the root password.
After this, you will have remote access at root level to the box. For Linux challenged out there, su stands for Super User and grants you access at the root level to the box.


Steve said...

SU stands for Substitute User, not Super User. It can be used to access a system as any user by typing "su [username]". It assumes that you require root access by default so no username means you are doing the same as "su root"

Remote labs said...

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