Monday, May 6, 2013

April Recap

My trend of posting monthly recaps a few days late continues...  Sorry about that, hopefully the May recap will be on-time.  I was traveling most of April so the blogs this month tend to reflect that.

I'll start with the Cloudcast (.net) for the month of April.  We published a record number of episodes. A HUGE thanks to both Amy Lewis and Brian Katz for their amazing contributions!  Amy did a fantastic job as roving reporter and Brian's Mobilecast is really taking off!  As always, please send us any show feedback, we love to hear from you!

Next up is my new TechTarget Blog, you have subscribed with your latest Google Reader replacement, right??  I'm really having a good time writing over there.  This site ( has always been more hands on and live blogs from events but the interest in the latest trends around Open Clouds and the operational aspects of cloud computing has been both great and humbling.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read the articles and provide feedback!

The only blogging I was able to do on my site this month is Live Blogs from the AWS event.  Here are all of them.

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