Monday, December 3, 2012

This Month on the Cloudcast (.NET)

Another month has come and gone at the Cloudcast (.NET).  November was a great month for content.  We managed to get in a number of podcasts, produced some new You Tube videos, attended the AWS re:Invent conference, and we announced we will once again be running the Krispy Kreme Challenge to raise money for the North Carolina Children's Home.  If you like the show, please consider sending a donation here (we will match donations!)  Thank you!

  • Episode #62 - Jesse Andrews stopped by and he was awesome to talk to about the current state of OpenStack and some great info on both the Folsom and Grizzly releases.  As a side note Jesse and I finally got to meet face to face last week at the AWS conference, awesome dude!
  • Episode #63 - James Watters from VMware gave us the low down on VMware's Cloud Foundry PaaS and updates since we last spoke to Dave McCrory awhile back.
  • Episode #64 - Cloudcast alum Raejeanne Skillern gave us an update on Intel and the recent Intel Developer Forum.
  • Episode #64.5 - Brian and Aaron take a break to talk about what we're thankful for (hint: our listeners) as well as announce our pledge to not only raise money for the Krispy Kreme Challenge, we will match all donations for the first $1000!
  • Episode #65 - Aaron catches up with Mat Ellis from Cloudability at the AWS re:Invent conference and Matt breaks out the number one reason why you could be a "cloud noob".
  • Episode #66 - Another AWS re:Invent episode, this one with Solomon from dotCloud. Solomon was great to talk too and I really feel his company is brining some unique features into the PaaS space.

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