Wednesday, February 13, 2013

List of Cloud & Vendor Events for 2013

I've been doing a little bit of advance planning for 2013.  I will by no means be attending everything here but since it was a pretty long list I figured I would publish it for others so you might find some benefit as well.  If you have some additions or I left things out, leave me a comment and I'll update!  Thanks!

Cloud Computing Events

CloudExpo Europe - London (1/29-1/30)
ApacheCon - Portland (2/24 - 3/2)
O'Reily Strata - Santa Clara (2/26-2/28)
SXSW Interactive - Austin (3/8-3/12)
Cloud Matters - Banff, Alberta, Canada (3/11-3/12)
Cloud Camp Boston (3/12)
Cloud Connect - Santa Clara (4/2-4/5)
OpenStack Design Summit - Portland (4/15-4/19)
OpenCloudConf (Not scheduled yet? Was first week of May in 2012)
Interop - Las Vegas (5/6-5/10)
CloudCon Expo - San Francisco (5/14-5/15)
Gluecon - Broomfield, CO (5/21-5/23)
Cloud Expo - NYC (6/10-6/13)
Interop - Tokyo (6/12-6/15)
GigaOm Structure - San Fran - (6/19-6/20)
O'Reily Velocity - Santa Clara (6/18-6/20)
O'Reily Oscon - Portland (7/22-7/26)
BriForum US - Chicago (7/30-8/1)
Interop - NYC (9/30-10/4)
O'Reily Strata Europe - (No date yet, was first week in Oct for 2012)
GigaOm Structure - Amsterdam - (10/15-10-16)
OpenStack Design Summit - (Not scheduled yet? Was mid-October in 2012)
Cloud Connect - Chicago (10/21-10/24)
O'Reily Strata + Hadoop World - NYC (10/28-10/30)
Cloud Expo - Santa Clara (11/4-11/7)
Defrag - Broomfield, CO (Not scheduled yet? Was mid-November in 2012)

Vendor Sponsored Events

Cisco Live - London (1/28-2/1)
Opscode ChefConf - (4/24-4/26)
EMC World - Las Vegas (5/6-5/9)
NetApp Insight - Las Vegas (not announced yet, typically early May)
Citrix Synergy - Anaheim (5/22-5/24)
Microsoft TechEd - New Orleans (6/3-6/6)
Red Hat Summit - Boston (6/10-6/14)
Cisco Live - Orlando (6/23-6-27)
PuppetConf - San Francisco (8/22-8/26)
VMworld - San Francisco (8/26-8/29)
VMworld - Europe (Mid-October usually, not announced yet)
Citrix Synergy - Europe (end of October usually, not announced yet)
NetApp Insight - Europe (not announced yet, typically mid-November)
Amazon AWS re:Invent - (no date yet, end of November in 2012)
NetApp Insight - Asia (not announced yet, typically mid-December)


Dan said...

great list of events, not sure where the term cloud leaves off and other terms pick up... since it's a vague term what about conferences like BriForum, it's focused on End-User Computing/Desktop Virtualization?

Aaron Delp said...

Hey Dan! The more the better, I'll throw those up tomorrow morning. Thanks!

Jen said...

Feel free to add Red Hat Summit 2013, June 10-14 in Boston.

Anonymous said...

An additional Cloud conference for 2013:
"Cloud Matters" Conference - March 11 & 12, 2013, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Aaron Delp said...

Added the RedHat Summit as well as Cloud Matters. Thank you!

Dan said...

Time to update this for 2014.

Aaron Delp said...

Hey Dan - Yeah, I agree. I'm actually thinking of posting over at my podcast website instead. Look for something here or there mid-January. In the middle of a big project until then. Thanks for commenting!