Friday, October 26, 2012

This Month on the Cloudcast (.NET)

Another great month for the Cloudcast (.NET) podcast.  Here is a summary:

  • Episode #58 - The Cloudcast's first ever live round table discussion at Build a Cloud Day. I thought it went very well and you can hardly tell where I edited us getting kicked out of the room (saved for the bloopers show)
  • Episode #59 - Luke from PuppetLabs. Personally I think one of the best interviews we've ever done.  Luke was great to talk to and really knows his stuff.  The conversation went some places I didn't expect but overall awesome quality and always good to have Nick riding shotgun.
  • Episode #61 - Justin from Basho. The concept of NoSQL scale out databases is new to me and I learned a TON on this show. Justin did a great job explaining some of the nuts and bolts of databases and cloud storage.
First one to spot our mistake this month gets a prize...

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