Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Announcing VCE's Vblock Data Protection

Today VCE announced something awesome.  Moments ago we took the covers off a solution to a pain point many of our customers were feeling.  Sure, a Vblock system provides you with an converged foundation for private cloud computing, but what about backing it up?  What about replicating all the data to another location?  Until now, VCE has relied very heavily on EMC to provide those services for our customers.

The Vblock system and EMC Data Protection solution has been so compelling we have worked together to bring Avamar, RecoverPoint, Data Domain, and VPLEX into the VCE product portfolio.  You can now order the products from VCE, have the products delivered and built as a single product in the Vblock, AND have still maintain the VCE seamless support experience that customers have grown to love!  Our Vblock Data Protection solution is simple, complete, and flexible.

So what exactly are all the products introduced today?  I'll going to do a cut and paste from our announcement that I believe is much more clear and concise than I ever could be:

The Vblock Data Protection family scales from one to many platforms within and across data centers to provide the precise data protection needed.
  • EMC Avamar—Deduplication backup software and system that provides highly efficient, variable length deduplication, with tight integration to EMC purpose-built, backup appliances. Avamar enables fast, complete daily backups of virtualized environments including the entire IT infrastructure, enterprise applications, and data. Deduplication on the client side reduces ESX contention and network traffic by sending only changed blocks to the backup target. This shortens backup times in even the busiest virtualized environments while keeping full backups available for rapid, single-step restores.
  • EMC Avamar plus Data Domain—Dual options: Avamar targets the Avamar Data Store in your solution. Or for larger, high-change-rate workloads, the target can be a Data Domain system that provides high-speed, variable-length, inline deduplication. The result is a backup data storage footprint that averages 10x to 30x smaller than traditional backup.
  • EMC RecoverPoint—Continuous data protection with flexible recovery points. The solution can be rolled back to any point in time—using snapshots that can be mere seconds apart—to quickly restore critical applications and data. RecoverPoint can also be used to efficiently migrate data from one virtualized Vblock platform to another.
  • EMC VPLEX—A powerful, innovative solution that delivers unsurpassed workload mobility and business continuity. VPLEX enables administrators to share, protect, or load-balance their infrastructure resources across multiple Vblock platforms in the same data center or in different data centers within a campus or metro area. You can easily and non-disruptively move live virtual machines between locations to avoid planned downtime. VPLEX also handles unplanned events automatically with zero data-loss and zero to near-zero application recovery time.

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