Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The #vHunt at VMworld is ON!

A number of EMC folks have already posted about this including Chad, vTexan, Bas, and Matt.  EMC and a few partners including VCE will be hosting a #vHunt at VMworld this year.  To borrow from Bas's blog, the rules are simple:

So, what’s the deal? Simple, follow these steps and see if you win:
  • Members of the EMC vSpecialist and VCE teams will be tweeting various tasks and challenges throughout VMworld. Day and Night, on the floor, in the labs, in the sessions, at the parties, etc. You can identify those tasks and challenges by looking for the vHunt hashtag “#vHunt” in our tweets. You will find all kinds of things there, facts, trivia or fun challenges.
  • Every time you respond to one of those challenges or tasks, tag it with “#vHunt. Someone from EMC will be watching those responses.
  • During the convention (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 3x a day, our marketing folks pick winners based on the criteria above, and hand the winners their prize.
That’s all there is to it!  I have a few things in mind already.

In case you're wondering, I'll be pretty easy to find.  I'll either be in the VCE Booth (#1121) or in the Blogger's Lounge.  I won't be attending sessions this year so stop by and say hello!

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