Monday, August 29, 2011

VCE's FastPath Desktop Virtualization Platform is Here!

Just a short time ago, VCE announced a new product, the FastPath Desktop Virtualization Platform. FastPath is a custom solution that allows you to quickly and easily get up and running with VMware View. Benefits Include: 
  • Single Order – VMware View Premier licenses (including support and maintenance) are included
  • Seamless Support Extended to Include View – VCE has extended support to include View! You’ve heard me talk before about View running “on top” of a Vblock. With FastPath, View support is “inside” the Vblock 
  • Rapid Provisioning, Setup & Configuration – Standing up a View environment has never been easier! Apply power and network connections to the Vblock, complete the Wizard (screenshots included below), upload a VDI “Golden Master” Image, and go get some coffee or maybe lunch and the FastPath Platform will take care of the rest! 
  • Validated Platform – The FastPath Platform has already completed testing for common VDI pain points (boot storms) and the entire Platform is designed for resiliency and reliability 
  • First Product to Utilize the UIM API’s – This is the first product VCE has introduced that hooks into UIM’s API’s for provisioning and configuration. You’ll see much more of this in the future
  • Factory Reset – The FastPath Platform was built with the ability to quickly and easily hit the “Reset” button and set everything back to factory defaults. Great for POC and lab environments! 
Check out VCE’s FastPath Landing Path for more information:

Here are some screenshots (click for a larger view) of the FastPath Platform Wizard:

    If you are at VMworld this week, stop by VCE’s Booth (#1121) to see a demonstration or to speak with somebody about this exciting new product!

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    Imran Anwar said...

    Wonderful to see VCE releasing the first and only fast deployment wizard driven solution for VMware, in FastPath. I'm looking forward to the complementary solution for mission-critical resilient healthcare desktops with VCE/VMware AlwaysOn Point Of Care in coming weeks.