Tuesday, August 23, 2011

VCE & VMware's AlwaysOn Desktop Solution at VMworld

I get to share something really cool with everyone today!  Welcome to the next generation of VDI.  At VMworld next week VCE and & VMware will highlight a joint solution we call AlwaysOn Desktop.  Stop by VCE's Booth (#1121) to see a live demonstration.

What is AlwaysOn Desktop you ask?

VCE and VMware took a standard VDI solution and "cranked it up":
  • Always On, Fast Logon
  • VDI Desktop Follows the User ("Follow Me Desktops")
  • Any Device
  • Quickly Provision Desktops
  • Easy to Manage
  • Highly Available
Think of it like this: VCE along with our partners on this solution have created a desktop solution that allows a user to access their desktop from any VDI station through their access card using Imprivata's Single Sign On product.  Your desktop will now quickly and easily follow you around.  This solution was developed in our Raleigh Solutions Lab and it is soooooo cool.  Walk up to one station, hold up your card, get your desktop.  Walk up to another station, hold up your card, and you're disconnected from the previous station and switched to the new station within seconds.  It is awesome!

The solution involves Imprivata’s Single Sign On (OneSign®), Cisco’s load balancer (ACE), and VMware View – all running on a replicated Vblock™ infrastructure.  That's right, replicated.  The Demonstration for VMworld will be for the Healthcare Industry, we're calling it AlwaysOn Point of Care.  But, this can easily be adapted to ANY industry that requires Highly Available VDI.

Here's a high level look at the architecture:

In the upcoming weeks VCE will publicly publish more on AlwaysOn, until then stop by the VCE Booth (#1121) and talk to the folks who designed the solution!

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IMRAN™ said...

Great post, my friend. What a pleasure to have brought this great technology with real world (literally life and death) implications to our clients.