Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three! That's right, Three New Cloudcast Episodes!

Sorry All - I've been slack about my updating duty over here.  Over the last month we've released not one, not two, but three new episodes of the Cloudcast, all for the low price of free!!  Call now, operators are standing by...

Head on over to the for details and show notes or to listen to the show directly from the site.  Also available in iTunes and Stitcher.

The Cloudcast (.net) #10 - Clouds on the Storefront Horizon
Aaron & Brian welcome Rodrigo Flores, formerly CTO/Founder of newScale, now at Cisco. We discuss the current status of newScale, the world of actual Cloud deployments and the challenges of shifting internal IT thinking to leverage Cloud

The Cloudcast (.net) #11 - News, Stacks, Rants and More
Aaron & Brian rant with Joe Onisick, Technical Solutions Architect at WWT. We discuss Joe’s new legal race car, Integrated Stacks vs. Private Clouds, the future of VMware, & we determine we need to learn more about PaaS and OpenFlow

The Cloudcast (.net) #12 - There’s a Pony in there... (Managing the Cloud)
Aaron & Brian bring back Cloudcast alumni Christian Reilly, President of the Platform Cloud. We dig into Cloud management from every angle possible, trying to make sense of all the companies, projects and products

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