Monday, March 28, 2011

New Cloudcast: DevOps & Developing New IT Skills with Nick Weaver

Our fourth episode of the Cloudcast  is out!  This week we had Nick Weaver from EMC on the show to discuss the concept of DevOps and also developing new IT skills for staying sharp in the industry.  I think the episode turned out great and Nick was awesome!

We were a little delayed in getting another episode out due to travel from both Brian and myself.  It was almost comical how many times we tried to record but it just never worked out.  You'll also notice that I'm not in the interview, I had a last minute conflict so they went ahead without me and did an awesome job!  You can head on over to the website for more information on the show as well as links on how to reach us.

Here's a plug-in to listen to the show directly.  We're still learning so comments are always welcome!

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