Monday, January 17, 2011

A Traveler's Dream: New Trent Power Packs

This weekend I traveled to Pennsylvania with my family and one single device saved our sanity for the weekend; the New Trent 5000mAh Power Pack.  As we have made the switch from a Nintendo DS family to an iPod/iPhone Family (don't get me started on Nintendo and cost of games and keeping up with the cartridges) the only problem was keeping all the iPod's and iPhone's charged for the 8-10 hours in the car!

The power pack is just a big battery with a USB jack in the top and it will accept anything that charges from USB.  We could keep one device charging at any given time and the family was happy.  Add some brand new kids headphones that Santa brought the girls at Christmas and the drive was actually pleasant until the last few hours each way.

When I travel alone I carry it with me and the charge will last for days.  With the kids and multiple devices I had to recharge the pack every night but I was able to power all the devices for the day on a single charge.  They do make other models and even larger batteries if you have that need.  Very cool!


Unknown said...

Since you were in a car why not just use a DC-DC converter to step the 12VDC to 5VDC - I have a cup holder device with 2 USB and 2 12V sockets from Amazon -

Aaron Delp said...

Hey Brent! The main reason for me is because I tend to travel everywhere with this thing. Cars, conference rooms, planes, etc. That solution would be great for the car but I bought it first for my travel and the kids just get to use it when we are on the road together.