Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Must Read VCE Blog

Now that all the dust is beginning to settle I wanted to highlight a new VCE Blog that is a must read if you are interested in the background and direction of the newly renamed/organized VCE Company.  The blog is virtual-architect and is currently managed by Trey Layton, World Wide Director of vArchitects for VCE.  Trey has published two articles and both are worth a read.  Here are links to both as well as a few highlights from each:

  • VCE - A Historical Perspective
    • $100 Million in shipments in 6 months and $1.2 Billion Pipeline
    • Fully developed sales and engineering teams
    • Customer demand continues to exceed expectations
    • Both Acadia and the VCE Coalition have been replaced by the VCE Company
  • Vblock From Reference Architecture to a Platform
    • Vblocks used to arrive as pieces to assemble on-site
    • Vblocks are now a product that is manufactured and shipped to a consistent physical build

Full Disclosure: In case you didn't already know, I manage a team designing solutions for VCE and I'm not part of their marketing in any way.  I'm just passing on some great public information from Trey.

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