Monday, October 4, 2010

My New Role at Acadia - Forget What You Know About Acadia

Today is my first day in my new position at Acadia.  I will be managing a team under Jonathan Donaldson here in Raleigh at a new office we will be opening very shortly.  The office will be amazing!  My team (and other peer teams under Jonathan) will be responsible for integrating and certifying vertical solutions on the Vblock architecture.  In addition to this testing, we will be performing many customer facing engagements both in Raleigh as well as at major industry events throughout the year.

The mission of our team is new to Acadia.  This brings me to my next point: Forget what you may know about Acadia and the VCE Coalition today.  Things are about to change.  As noted by Chad's posting, Acadia is ramping up in a serious way.  We will be adding people to teams in a all areas including field technical, lab and solution integration, customer demonstration, and engineering & development.

I personally have two open positions right now but slots are filling up fast.  You will need to be in the Raleigh area or be willing to relocate (no, I can't offer relocation at this time).  I also have a few peer teams that need people as well.  Take a look at Chad's posting above and figure out what my new e-mail will be (hopefully it gets turned on later today) and shoot me your resume.  If it bounces, give it a day or two and try again until my mailbox is set up.  I can't promise to get back to you but I promise I will evaluate every one.

Will the focus of this blog change?

Honestly, it might.  I blog about what I get my hands on.  I hope to get some competitive gear in my lab at some point but for now I will have access to EMC, VMware, and Cisco.

What kind of gear will we be getting in the lab?

We need to go shopping.  We will order all types of Vblock hardware shortly and I'm sure I'll post more as we set it all up.  I plan to blog about the good (and honestly the challenges) that we face setting up this environment and learn how to make the Vblock a better product.

Will this become an Acadia Blog?

No it will not.  I plan to keep doing what I'm doing and Acadia will not be reviewing my content.  The disclaimer on the side of the page doesn't change.  I have a LOT of research I want to do around 10GB and FCoE solutions and I actually see this site turning into more of a resource for that than anything else in the near term.

Thank you for coming by!


Duncan said...

Congrats! I more or less expected this :-)

Mike Tellinghuisen said...

Congrats Aaron!

Jason Boche said...

Congratulations on your new role Aaron! What are you going to do with all that expert NetApp knowledge? :)


Ed Saipetch said...

Congrats Aaron. Good to have you on the team.

Andrew Miler said...

Tis interesting to see where NetApp knowledge is migrating nowadays... ;-)