Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VMware vCloud Director Link Directory

Wow! The amount of great content around VMware's vCloud Director (vCD) has been fast and furious!  Here is a quick compilation of all the great links I have seen so far:

Some overviews of the product:
My quick write up of vCD from the keynote as well as the technical deep dive session at VMworld:
vCloud Director Security Overview
VMworld vCD Technical Overview Session

Articles from other bloggers:
Duncan's Overview
First Part in a Deep Dive Series from Duncan
vCD Cell Architecture by Hany Michael
Kendrick Coleman's article & video of the announcement - vApps moving to center stage - vApp sprawl in the cloud
Eric Sloff's Overview
Virtual Blog (Great Links to the product and documentation)
Mike Laverick's Article
Frank Denneman's Architecture Overview

Many of us have "grown up" from Windows admins to VMware admins so the concept of installing a RedHat/CentOS and Oracle environment is a bit overwhelming.  Hany to the rescue with this article:
Installing and Configuring vCD by Hany Michael

Official VMware Articles and Videos:
A compilation of all the VMware vCloud videos by Hany Michael
A compilation of all the VMware vCloud KB articles
Backing up and Restoring vCD Provisioned virtual machines

Do you others you would like to share?  Leave a comment!  Thanks!

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Frank Denneman said...

Hi Aaron,

I posted a diagram which depicts architecture mainly to be used by service providers. Service providers are likely to use an internal cloud for their own application and IT department operations and an external cloud environment for their service delivery.