Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VMworld Keynote - Announcing VMware vCloud Director

As I write this the VMworld 2010 Keynote is about to kick off.  Paul Maritz (VMware CEO) & Dr. Stephen Herrod (CTO) will be speaking about VMware's new Cloud Computing product, vCloud Director.  This is a live blog so it will be quick and dirty, sorry for the lack of formatting ahead of time.
  • Theme - Virtual Roads, Actual Clouds
  • Most customers are on a 3 phase journey
    1. IT Production - getting your production systems into a virtualized environment\
    2. Business Production - Quality Production, many users find their apps run better in a virtualized environment using VMware tools to provide greater access, performance, and uptime to their applications
    3. IT as a Service (ITaaS) - Business value is provided by automating the business process with industry standards
  • ITaaS = Optimizing IT production for business consumption
  • First 2 phases were optimizing production of IT Services, 3rd phase is optimizing business consumption of IT Services
  • Paul Maritz is introduced
  • We are at a tipping point - the number of hosts deployed on virtual has now topped the number of physical hosts for the first time
  • In 2010 over 10 million virtual machines will be deployed
  • Paul mentioned Tasty Kake as a customer (I'm from Pennsylvania and they are the best snack food ever!), just wanted to add that
  • Innovation comes through reduction of OpEx using Automation and Management while maintaining security as resources are consolidated
  • VMware believes the future is around providing access to applications in a fashion that will be portable and independent (Secure Hybrid Cloud)
  • Infrastructure is a means to an end (providing applications)
  • New Enterprise Applications will be written on new application platforms using new open frameworks and tools that will allow migration to the cloud
  • Operating System will have a changing role - used to talk to hardware and abstract it out for applications - that is changing because OS is on common virtual hardware already
  • Talking about "non-Windows" based devices like smart phones and iPad like devies, the base OS is now changing which further increases the need for an independent way to deliver applications
  • "The New Stack" - New, more efficient way to deliver applications
  • Steve Herrod is introduced
  • It's now all about the applications and no longer about the virtual machines
  • The New Stack needs to provide efficient pooling, elastic resource scheduling, automation through policy, while still being open and inter operable
  • Steve is discussing the increased capabilities of vSphere 4.1
  • Managing The New Stack (Steve referfed to this as the Virtual Giant)
  • VMware acquired Integrien for proactive analytics and monitoring
  • A few screenshots were put up, looks a lot like a vFoglight dashoard
  • What matter most to customers is the applications they use, not the resources they run on
  • vCloud Director announced
  • I just hit publish on my vCloud Director article so I missed a bit about the vShield product line, more on that later this week (vShield Edge, App, and Endpoint)
  • demo of vCloud Director on stage
    • Secure vCloud Services - They are showing the network isolation features using vShield Edge
    • Showing off levels of service (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Eventual Goal of cloud computing VMware vFabric to enable cloud resources to become portable across private and public cloud platforms
  • How are we going to get there?
    • Modernize the Desktop Experience
    • VMware View 4.5 Announced
      • Local Desktop experience
      • Windows 7 Support
      • Mac Support
      • vSphere 4.1 scalability
    • Reduce both CapEx and OpEx costs
    • Unify Application Management
    • Project Horizon Announced
      • Central Application Provisioning (based on ThinApp)
      • A user is entitled to applications on their virtual desktop from a central location
    • Showing off moving from a desktop to an iPad View Client

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