Saturday, February 6, 2010

My First Race (with Dougnuts)!!

Today I ran my first race!  I am very excited but this race also requires an explanation and some pictures.  A few years ago some NC State University college students started a challenge.  You had to race from the Bell Tower on campus to the local Krispy Kreme (about 2.2miles), eat a dozen doughnuts, keep them down, and run back, all in an hour.

I am training for my first 10k coming up at the end of March in Chrleston, SC so I thought this would be a good warm up for me.  The event is local, it was the right distance, and it is a little crazy and different so I was in.  I registered just in time because registration was cut off the day after I signed up at 6,000 runners.  Krispy Kreme's from all over the state made over 72,000 doughnuts and trucked them in for the race.  I signed up for the casual group meaning that I didn't have to eat the full dozen.  I ended up eating three.  I ran the race in 1:14 but that really doesn't matter because you stop half way through the race and hang out, eat doughnuts, drink water, and just enjoy the atmosphere.  Some highlights of the race to prove it is a little different:

  • Mother and Daughter with KK T-shirts and the words "Family Bondin Southern Style" written on them
  • The quote "3 hours sleep, 9 beers, 12 doughnuts, I'm starting to feel bad"
  • We had the "privilege" off seeing two challengers "lose" their dozen doughnuts
  • Got to see Fat Bastard, Elvis, Superman, Wonder Woman (it was a buy), Elmo, Cookie Monster and many people running in just shorts or underwear in 30-40 degree weather
  • The famous quote "I'm never eating another doughnut again" more than once
Here are some pics:


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