Thursday, January 14, 2010

#vmtip Archive From Twitter

For a few weeks now I have been posting VMware and storage related tips to Twitter.  I have been using the hash tag #vmtip for each of them.  I keep an archive of them in Evernote so I can remember what I have done but it isn't organized.  This is simply an attempt to better organize them into categories.  This won't be updated every day, but I will try to keep it somewhat up to date.

Last Update: January 14th, 2010

VMware Related Tips
  • #VMware tip: vSphereU1 increases the max# of vm's per host to 160 for up to 8 hosts (was 100), still only 40 vm's per hosts if >8 #vmtip
  • #VMware ESXi local boot only supported option today. ESXi Boot from SAN and PXE are both experimental right now (via @DuncanYB) #vmtip
  • Need to get data from a #VMware Workstation or ESX(i) vmdk? VMware Disk Mount Utility. It saved me this week! #vmtip
VMware vCenter Related Tips
  • Prior to loading #VMware vCenter, make sure you set the final machine name, static ip address, and domain membership! #vmtip
Virtual Machine Alignment Tips
  • #VMware tip: Windows 2008 vm's do not need alignment if created fresh. If it was upgraded from W2k03, it will be misaligned. #vmtip
VMware Lab Manager Related Tips
  • #VMware Lab Manager Tip: If using VMFS, there is a maximum of 8 hosts per datastore due to disk chains. There is no limit for NFS. #vmtip
  • #VMWare Lab Manager Tip: Lab Manager disk chains can not span volumes due to the linked clone technology #vmtip
NetApp Related Tips
  • #VMware on #NetApp tip: VSC will tweak ESXi installs for NetApp. Great since no NetApp Host Utilities Kit for ESXi #vmtip
  • #NetApp on #VMWare vmdk alignment tip: Windows Dynamic Disks, Linux LVM's and Citrix Servers can not be aligned with mbralgin #vmtip
NetApp SMVI Related Tips
  • When doing #VMware SRM on #NetApp and using SMVI, you CAN'T take a VMware snapshot as part of the backup! #vmtip
  • This appears to be undocumented: #NetApp SMVI backup of Windows virtual machine on IDE disk are not eligible for single file restore #vmtip
NetApp SnapDrive Related Tips
  • #VMware on #NetApp: When installing Snap Drive, check the install account is an admin on BOTH the server & filer before install! #vmtip
  • #NetApp SnapDrive 6.2 for Windows requires .NET 3.5 SP1 and 3 MS hotfixes (with reboot) BEFORE installation of SnapDrive. #vmtip

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