Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heading to VMware Partner Exchange?

I will be attending the VMware Partner Exchange for the first time this year!  I'm very excited and I hope to post some useful information so stay tuned.

I've decided to do a little social experiment via Twitter, we'll see how this works.  If you are interested in getting together for drinks or dinner one night, please let me know via a reply on twitter and I'll add you to the being followed section of the list.  Here's the catch, you will need to follow the list as well.  Here is a link to follow the list. As we get closer to the conference I'll send out information to the list or we can just group argue over where to go.  After the conference, I will remove the list.

Not sure when this will happen or how formal it will be, just seeing if there is interest (it's an experiment remember!)

UPDATE: To be clear, this is a "bring the person, not the company" event. Anyone is welcome but please don't plan on pushing/selling anything to this crowd.  This is meant to be a social event only.


Unknown said...

Thanks for getting this going Aaron!!

Aaron Delp said...

Hey Lane! We'll see if anything comes of all of it. I hope so, it will be good to put some names and faces to Twitter ID's!