Thursday, October 8, 2009

NetApp Cluster Confiugration Tool

I recently performed a bunch of "health checks" on NetApp systems for customers. One of the tools I use is NetApp's HA Configuration Checker. This tool can be run as a cgi script from a webserver or as a stand alone Windows executable. You simply run the file with the parameters you need and it will dig into the configurations on both heads to check for errors. I found the tool simple and effective. It caught a few errors for clients that they were not aware of and discovered issues that would have prevented a successful cluster failover.

I used the Windows executable and I did find some "features" with it. They could be bugs or I just may need to try another ssh client. The only way I have been able to successfully run the tool is in RSH mode instead of SSH mode and also to prompt the user for credentials (-l switch) for both filers. You will also need to list the path to your ssh/rsh client (-r switch). In this case I used Putty. Here is what my command line looks like:

cf-config-check.exe -l -r c:\putty.exe (head1) (head2)

Nice, quick little tool that has helped me out!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aarron,
I have unable to find any documents online that tells you how to properly configure netapp 3170a cluster failover with vsphere.Any insight would be helpful