Monday, January 5, 2009

Quick and Dirty Config of the HP Blade GbE2c Switch

This is more of a brain dump than an informative article. I recently had to put an IP address on an HP Blade GbE2c switch for a lab setup. The switch does BootP by default but we didn’t have this available and only one uplink out of the switch. It has been a few years since I worked on one but the last time I did this the switch would not accept an EBIPA address. So, here are the config commands:
  • /cfg/sys/bootp to access the bootp settings, bootp must be disabled to apply an ip addressd to disable bootp/cfg/l3/if (interface number) - I used 21 in this case.
  • 19 is the interface to the Onboard Administrator (OA)
  • enter the ip, mask, etcena to enable the port
  • apply to save to running configsave to save to flash memory

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