Monday, January 5, 2009

IBM BladeCenter Keyboard Lock Up

I have seen this many times and it has been a source of frustration for many IBM Blade customers. A while back IBM introduced the ability to change the focus of the KVM and media tray from one blade to another from the local keyboard. Previous to this, you were required to push the button on the front or remotely change the focus from the Management Module Interface. If you don’t know about this feature, it can be confusing because the keyboard will be unresponsive and seem to lock up. You can tell when the KVM is in this mode because the num-lock, caps-lock, and scroll lock LEDS will flash in sequence over and over.

In order to return KVM focus back to the blade you are using you are required to press NumLk-NumLk-(blade slot number)-Enter

In order to return media tray focus back to the blade you are using you are required to press NumLk-NumLk-m-(blade slot number)-Enter

Link to IBM BladeCenter KVM Tip

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Kelley Bryant said...

Thanks a bunch!
I realize this post is old, but it is still helping out folks like me that don't usually deal with IBM Bladeservers. I was on a contract job (not for the server) but needed to log into it. No IT support onsite. Saved me a lot of time and probably embarrassment!