Monday, January 5, 2009

HP BladeSystem Power Sizer

In case you haven’t seen it, HP has a great power sizer for the BladeSystem that is available here. You will need an HP Passport ID to get into the site. The tool is very easy to use and configure. I like the ability to customize the utilization level to choose a value other than 100%. When the calculations are complete an idle amount is given as well as a utilization level.

There are three different types of reports the tool will produce: A printable version (that you can print to PDF), a Doc version, and an Xls version. Of the three different versions, the doc version is the most complete and looks the best for customer consumption.

One pet peeve though… HP, please remove the shopping list at the end with list prices!! Let’s face facts, list prices are useless to most people and this should be a technical report, not a sales pitch! Other than that, it is a very easy to use tool, check it out!

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